Rhythms of the Breath, Vol.1

A Revolutionary Way to Transform Your Harmonica Playing

Rhythms of the breath, vol.1

This is a must-have book for all harmonica players who want to take their playing to the next level.  

Multiple Grammy Award-winning harmonica player and teacher Howard Levy has compiled a treasure trove of transformative new exercises that will give harmonica players a totally new and fresh perspective on their instrument, whether they are beginners or pros, Blues, Rock, or Jazz stylists.  

After 25 years of playing, Howard had a “lightbulb moment” when he saw a direct relationship between drum rudiments and harmonica breathing patterns; he quickly started exploring this on harmonica, with dramatic results.  

The concepts are revolutionary. And they work. Already known as one of the most innovative harmonica players in the history of the instrument, this new approach enabled Howard to play things that he had never been able to do before. He is now sharing it all with you.  

Drawing on years of teaching experience, Howard has laid things out clearly and logically to help you achieve the same dramatic breakthroughs in your own playing. In this game-changing book, he takes you step-by-step through over 120 exercises and musical examples, with a healthy dose of humor and a conversational tone. Following this path will give you many “lightbulb moments”, transforming and elevating your playing, as it has his. 


  • For All Levels and Styles   
  • More Than 120 Exercises   
  • With Harmonica Tabs and Musical Notation   
  • Examples are written for Diatonic Harmonica in C   
  • Free Practice Tracks


    Before you download the FREE tracks below:

    Please note that these tracks are meant to be a guideline, a reference, to help you go through the exercises in the book. You should take your time, and practice at your own tempo. All the tracks are made and played by Howard.


    Q: I only play Blues (or Classical, Rock, Jazz, etc) on harmonica. Will it help me to practice the exercises in this book? 

    A: Yes. Howard designed the exercises to improve your playing, no matter WHAT style of music you play. 


    Q: I play chromatic harmonica. Will your book work for me? 

    A: Yes, Howard’s concepts in the book work for harmonica players in general. Though all the exercises are written for diatonic harmonica, chromatic players can definitely play them. And you can certainly create your own modified exercises using the button- it actually opens up even more possibilities! 


    Q: I had a few lessons on the harmonica. Should I get this book now? 

    A: If you JUST started on the harmonica, you should spend more time practicing and playing before you get this book. This is not a How-to-Play-Harmonica book. 


    Q: I’m a professional harmonica player. Why do I need this book? 

    A: It introduces a whole new approach to playing the harmonica that you will find incredibly useful to raise the level of your playing even more.


    Q: I don’t know how to play bends and overblows/overdraws. Will I be able to do the exercises? 

    A: Yes, less than 10% of 120+ exercises use bends or OB/OD. You’ll still be getting a lot out of the book. 


    Q: Is there going to be an eBook version? 

    A: It's paperback only.