Little Sunflower was composed by the great trumpeter Freddie Hubbard (from his 1967 album Backlash). It is in a straight-eighth groove, based around the key of D minor, and goes into Eb major and D major. This is a beautiful composition which I find fits really well on the harmonica. Words fail to describe how carried away I get every time I play it. The tune has an expressive melody and simple chord changes that create an expansive mood for soloing.

You don’t have to be a harmonica player to enjoy playing this tune- you're welcome to download my free backing tracking HERE.

In this video, I used 4 harps: G, Bb, C and Low F. (Hohner harmonicas customized by Joe Filisko)

Howard put together a special program just for Nerananah entitled "The Wandering Jew," where, in a ten-week span, he shares fascinating stories from his life and travels around the world - and the Jewishness he found intertwined within it all.

In this week's episode, he talks about the soulful connection between cantorial music and the blues and also reminisces on a life-changing musical moment from his teenage years.






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Available for the 1st time- live recordings of the one and only time that Howard performed a CHROMATIC harmonica concerto with an orchestra, AND a one-time-only performance of a DIATONIC harmonica concerto composed for Howard in Germany.


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