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Once part of an instructional video, the music from Out of the Box is a cross- cultural journey encompassing styles from Indian raga, Brazilian Bossa Nova, Mississippi Delta Blues, Rumanian Klezmer and swinging New York Jazz- in all 12 keys- played on a diatonic harmonica in the key of C. This unprecedented feat is guaranteed to delight and surprise fans of harmonica playing.

My deep love for Latin Jazz came from growing up in New York City, where it developed into a major musical style and became part of the fabric of the city... 

So I’d like to turn you on to some of my favorite Latin Jazz from this hand-picked Spotify playlist that I just created. It ranges from hot classics to modern cutting-edge masterpieces, featuring deep grooves and virtuosic, soulful performances from the greatest artists of the genre. I’ve had the thrill of playing with some of these legendary musicians, and have seen many of them work their magic live. 

Besides being a great way to study Latin Jazz, this playlist is also a source of pure musical joy. I thoroughly enjoyed putting it all together- and I learned a lot in the process! 

I hope that the music grabs you the way it does me. I’ll keep adding more great tracks as I find them. Happy listening!

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