Howard Levy – Virtuoso performer on the diatonic harmonica, composer & interpreter of orchestral works. Already at home playing numerous styles, including jazz, folk and world music from Latin America to the Balkan Peninsula, his musicianship is further demonstrated in his classical repertoire which includes his Concerto for Diatonic Harmonica and Orchestra. 

Howard has performed the concerto and other works with orchestras including The Czech National Symphony,  The Nashville Chamber Orchestra, The Illinois Philharmonic, The Chicago Sinfonietta, The Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano, and the Hohner Accordion Orchestra 1927.


Concerto for Diatonic Harmonica & Orchestra

A collection of classical recordings by the harmonica innovator & composer. Features original works with the Czech National Symphony and Rembrandt Chamber Players. Plus, "Cafe 1930" by Astor Piazzolla with marimba player Dane Richeson.

Howard Levy- diatonic harmonica


Classical Harmonica

with PIano Accompaniment 

Meditation from Thais- Jules Massenet 

The Swan- Camille Saint- Saens * 

Rumanian Folk Dances- Béla Bartok * 

Suite Modale- Ernest Bloch * 

Flute Sonata in Em BWV 1034- JS Bach 

Ave Maria- Bach/Gounod 

Siciliano from Flute Sonata in Eb BWV 1031- JS Bach * 

Adagio from Flute Sonata in Bm BWV 1030- JS Bach * 

Orchestral Suite #2 in Bm BWV 1067- JS Bach * 

“Sleepers Awake” Chorale from Cantata 140- JS Bach 

Spanish Dance #2- Enrique Granados * 

2 Gondolier Songs from “Songs Without Words”- Felix Mendelssohn 

La Plus Que Lent- Claude Debussy 

Arabesque #1- Claude Debussy 

Reverie- Claude Debussy 

Hebrew Melody- Josef Achron * 

Sicilienne- Gabriel Fauré 

Prelude in Em- Frederick Chopin * 

Valse Triste- Franz Von Vecsey 

Forlane, Minuet, and Fugue from “Le Tombeau de Couperin”- Maurice Ravel 

Intermezzo in Bbm, Opus 117 #2- Johannes Brahms * 

Barafostus’ Dream and Robin- The Fitzwiliam Virginal Book * 

Themes from Mvmt 2 (Largo) of The New World Symphony- Antonin Dvorak * 

Prelude #15 Opus 87- Dmitri Shostakovich

 *: includes some improvisation 

Classical Harmonica

with Orchestra

Concerto for Diatonic Harmonica & Orchestra

Composed by Howard Levy in 2001.

For harmonica, strings, flute, clarinet, tympani, percussion.

20 min. 

Balkan-American Harmonica Concerto

Composed by Karl A. "Bobbi" Fischer for Howard Levy in 2012.

Premiered in Ulm, Germany in May 2013.

For harmonica and full orchestra.

20 min. 

Rumanian Dances

Composed by Béla Bartok. Modified Willner arrangement.

For harmonica and string orchestra.

10 min. 

Asleep & Fear (from 5 Tango Sensations)

Composed by Astor Piazzolla.

Arrangements by Arnie Roth. 

For harmonica and string orchestra (Asleep).

For harmonica and full orchestra (Fear).

6 min each.

Orchestral Suite #2

Composed by JS Bach.

23 min.



Classical Harmonica

with Chamber Ensemble

Harmonia Mundi, Suite for Harmonica and Chamber Ensemble

Composed by Howard Levy in 1995.

For harmonica, violin, viola, cello, flute, oboe.

15 min. 

5 Tango Sensations

Composed by Astor Piazzolla. 

For harmonica and string quintet.

25 min. 

Rumanian Dances

Composed by Béla Bartok. 

Modified Willner String orchestra arrangement for harmonica and string quintet.

10 min.