"It was easy to be astounded by the technique, speed, playfulness and stylistic dexterity set in motion...by pianist/harmonica ace Howard Levy and steel guitarist Chris Siebold...it was the sheer sense of invention that ignited all of those attributes."     

— The Music Box


The duo has performed to great acclaim in the US, Europe and South America. Howard Levy’s virtuosic harmonica and piano playing, Chris Siebold’s masterful resonator guitar work (and soulful singing on a few numbers) - that’s all you need for a spirited evening of jazz, blues, pop, classical and original compositions that transcend genre or category.


Art + Adrenaline

This is a CD of original compositions by Howard and Chris, and one by Bach. The music covers the full range of styles that they play live – Jazz, Blues, Brazilian, Classical, World Music, and more.

Howard Levy- piano, diatonic harmonica, dumbek

Chris Siebold- steel resonator guitar, vocals



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