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Howard performs and explains 12 original compositions, each in a different key, all on ONE diatonic harmonica in the Key of C! 

The music is in many styles- Blues, Jazz, Swing, Tango, Funk, East Indian classical, Klezmer, and Flamenco. 

Howard plays the tunes and improvises on each one, to the accompaniment of guitarist Chris Siebold, and percussionist Miles Levy. 

There is an explanation for each piece- how it was written, how to improvise on it, etc. 

There are lead sheets, as well as mix minus versions of 7 of them. The DVD is a full 90 minutes in length.


In answer to many requests, the "Out of the Box, Vol.1" video is now available as a download!

You're just one click away from entering this ground-breaking harmonica universe.

Out of the Box, Vol. 1 - download
  • Out of the Box, Vol. 1 - download
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Full-length video (performances and backing tracks) + PDF Charts with tabs. Download will be a zip file.

© 2006 Balkan Samba and OM. All rights Reserved. Reproduction and distribution of the materials without written permission of the sponsor is prohibited. Supporting artists will help to continue production of teaching materials and your assistance is appreciated.

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Out of the Box, Vol.1 - DVD (low stock)
  • Out of the Box, Vol.1 - DVD (low stock)
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Howard Levy plays a Klezmer- style tune in F minor, a Tango in F# minor, an Indian raga in Db, two swing tunes in E and B, a Flamenco rhumba in Eb minor, a funk tune in Ab minor, a Bossa Nova in A, a Jazz ballad in D, and blues in C, Bb, and G- original tunes in all 12 keys, ALL ON ONE STANDARD C HARMONICA. The tunes were specially composed for this video. Each one is melodic, using the structure of the diatonic harmonica to bring out the richest melodic textures in every key.

In a separate section of the video, Howard thoroughly explains the structure of each tune and the techniques needed to perform them. There are charts of each tune available as pdf files.

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