What Harp Was That?

From the Vaults: Vol. 3:

Howard and Jethro- Super Session of Swing 

  • Lady Be Good: C harp
  • Indiana: Ab harp
  • Jitterbug Waltz: Bb harp
  • Blues: C harp
  • Swing 39: F harp
  • Moonglow: C harp
  • Take the A Train: G harp

Art + Adrenaline 

  • The Tristate Boogie: Low C harp, at 0:54 to regular C harp 
  • Riding the Urban Range: Bb harp
  • Fade to Black: C harp
  • Amor Afastado: G harp
  • The Streets of Paris: G harp
  • Quiet Thunder: C harp
  • Key to the Highway: Low C; 1:46 G harp, 3:00 at Low F harp alternating with G harp 
  • The Steroid Choro: A harp
  • Bossa in A: G harp
  • Bach Sicliano: Bb harp

From the Vaults: Vol. 1: Harmonica jazz 


  • You’re My Everything: G harp 
  • Donna Lee: Ab Harp 
  • Epistrophy: Db harp 
  • Wise One: G harp 
  • Resolution: Db harp 
  • The Beauty Around Us: Ab harp 
  • Howard’s Blues: B harp


Concerto for Diatonic Harmonica & Orchestra

  • Concerto for Diatonic Harmonica & Orchestra-I. Air, Jig and Reel: G harp 
  • Concerto for Diatonic Harmonica & Orchestra-II. Theme and Variation: A harp 
  • Concerto for Diatonic Harmonica & Orchestra-III. Etude, Tango-Caprice & Finale: C harp 
  • Harmonia Mundi First Mvmt: G harp; 4:00-end Bb harp 
  • Harmonia Mundi Second mvmt: G harp 
  • Harmonia Mundi Third mvmt: G harp; 2:50-3:20 Ab harp; 3:20-end G harp 
  • Cafe 1930: G harp; 3:05 B harp; 4:35-end G harp