Play “Rhythm Changes” On 3 Harps | George Gershwin | I Got Rhythm

Why do jazz musicians like this tune so much? How do you get comfortable playing it on harmonica? Did you know that its chord progression was used by Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, etc. to create many famous jazz standards? And it’s fun to solo over!

Do I use overblows when I play it? Yes. But do you have to do that? No.


Backing track, lead sheet & mp3

Howard put together a special program just for Nerananah entitled "The Wandering Jew," where, in a ten-week span, he shares fascinating stories from his life and travels around the world - and the Jewishness he found intertwined within it all.

In this week's episode, Howard shares a few of his original compositions that are influenced by his travels in the Middle East, Macedonia, and Bulgaria as well as some of the the unique and totally fascinating musical theory of each country and culture.






Exploring Rare Recordings:


Available for the 1st time- live recordings of the one and only time that Howard performed a CHROMATIC harmonica concerto with an orchestra, AND a one-time-only performance of a DIATONIC harmonica concerto composed for Howard in Germany.


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