How to Play Riff-Based Bluesy Sax Licks on Harmonica 

Some of the early electrified blues players like Little Walter were emulating the popular R&B riff- oriented sax players of the 40s and 50s like Louis Jordan, Sam “The Man” Taylor, and Earl Bostic. The handheld-mic-through-an-amp harp tone greatly resembled the sax, and these sax players played swinging, riff- oriented music designed for dancers. People used to dance to Blues, Swing, Jazz, and R&B, which back then meant “Rhythm and Blues”- a more rhythmic, jazzier style than Blues- the precursor to early rock and roll.

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This is Howard's first solo album, in styles of Jazz, Blues, Latin Jazz and more. Named one of the "Top 100 Jazz Albums of the Year" by Downbeat Magazine once it was released, this adventurous album of standards, original compositions and free improvisations has become a favorite of listeners around the world. 

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