"There Will Never Be

Another You" in 7/4 in 7 keys

“There Will Never Be Another You”, recorded by legendary artists Chet Baker, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, etc, is a Jazz standard that I love to play on harmonica. Soloing on it in 7/4 in 7 keys is challenging, but it made me come up with more creative and expressive ideas.

Music to check out:


"Matzah to Menorah: 

A Holiday Jazz Celebration"


Alberto Mizrahi & Trio Globo

(Howard Levy, Eugene Friesen, Glen Velez)

"The last five tracks are more lighthearted but no less creative. The delightful "Ocho Kandelikas" features Mizrahi's soaring and agile voice over pianist Levy's darkly sweet lines, percussionist Glen Velez's tango rhythms and Friesen's melancholic cello. On the instrumental "Mi Yemalel," Levy's fluidly complex mouth harp, Friesen's almost guttural bowing and Velez's unpredictable and angular percussion create a vibrant ambience."       -- All About Jazz


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